Update, and a Sneak Peek

by on Apr.15, 2012, under Blog, Comic

We need to clear up some rumours:

1) We are still working on comics.

2) We have not had our brains taken over by alien slug people, thus killing our desire to work on comics.

3) We are not dead, which would significantly kill our desire to work on comics.

We”re back! It”s been a busy time for the Condo of Mystery team. Rob Lundy (artist responsible for Belfort & Seconds) has started a new job. Tim is finishing up courses that will allow him to start a new job, and Jay casino online is busy being the hottest board designer in Lower East Vancouver. But our commitment to quality comic stories is undiminished!

Jay and Tim were in Seattle recently for ECCC, a fantastic comic con that focuses on comics first, TV shows second, and as such is a lot of fun. Lots of talented creators were met, lots of publishers were spoken too, and lots of comics were bought.

And now for our most exciting announcement….we will be back very soon with a BRAND NEW story! With a BRAND NEW artist joining the Condo Of Mystery Team! His name is Ian Wood, and his work can be found here.┬áThe story is called “Sisters”, and Ian is doing some truly inventive and creative work in interpeting our script. We”re attaching half of an early sketch that Ian did that will be included in Sisters…just to give you an idea of what to expect. It”s very different from the work we”ve done so far, which we”re excited about.

See you soon…at the Condo Of Mystery



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