Update, and a Sneak Peek

We need to clear up some rumours:

1) We are still working on comics.

2) We have not had our brains taken over by alien slug people, thus killing our desire to work on comics.

3) We are not dead, which would significantly kill our desire to work on comics.

We”re back! It”s been a busy time for the Condo of Mystery team. Rob Lundy (artist responsible for Belfort & Seconds) has started a new job. Tim is finishing up courses that will allow him to start a new job, and Jay casino online is busy being the hottest board designer in Lower East Vancouver. But our commitment to quality comic stories is undiminished!

Jay and Tim were in Seattle recently for ECCC, a fantastic comic con that focuses on comics first, TV shows second, and as such is a lot of fun. Lots of talented creators were met, lots of publishers were spoken too, and lots of comics were bought.

And now for our most exciting announcement….we will be back very soon with a BRAND NEW story! With a BRAND NEW artist joining the Condo Of Mystery Team! His name is Ian Wood, and his work can be found here. The story is called “Sisters”, and Ian is doing some truly inventive and creative work in interpeting our script. We”re attaching half of an early sketch that Ian did that will be included in Sisters…just to give you an idea of what to expect. It”s very different from the work we”ve done so far, which we”re excited about.

See you soon…at the Condo Of Mystery



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Seconds: Sixth and Final Page!

And we’re done! This is the 6th and final page of Seconds, our second story. Get it? It’s our second story and it’s called…oh, never mind. Anyways, we’ve loved doing this story. It’s very different from our last outing, and shows the kind of work we want to do in the future. You can access it by clicking on the image, or in the Seconds tab directly above this post. We’re going to be taking a break for a while, so that we can concentrate on pitching product to publishers at the upcoming convention season. domain data So if you’re a publisher…we’re coming for you. Don’t forget, our Facebook fan page is still here. And Rob Lundy’s online portfolio is still here. And Jay Cormier’s site about board games is still here. And my site about comics and film is still here. Enjoy, and please let us know what you thought of Seconds.

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Seconds: Page 4 & 5!

Well, we went on a bit of a hiatus there while we tweaked just enough of Seconds to make it perfect. So boo, but yay, in that we have 2 pages at once to unveil! Only one more page to go online casino gids after this.

Don”t forget that you can access the whole story at the “Seconds” tab right above this text, as well as access our facebook fan page here. We”d love to hear from you, so make sure you go there and let us know what you think!







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Seconds: Page 3!

Hello folks! We’re at the half-way mark for our second story! You can click the link above this post, or on the image to the right to access a full version of page 3. Please make sure you stop at our  Facebook page and let us know what you think of Seconds so far!

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Seconds: Page 2!

We’ve gotten quite a bit of head scratching from friends and colleagues over the first page of Seconds….and I’m sorry to say that page 2 isn’t really going to clear any of that up for you. All I’ll say its that patience is your friend. Well, and Oreo cookies. They’re pretty great too. This is the first of two pages that almost killed our esteemed artist Rob Lundy…yes yes, establishing shot…we’ll remember for next time. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.



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Seconds: Page 1!

So as we said when we started this site, the goal wasn”t to create one long web comic, it was to create an “anthology” of short comic stories, featuring various genres and styles. And so we have Seconds, a six page story that couldn”t be more different in tone from casino online Tales Of Belfot. The first page can be found by clicking the image to the left, or by going to the Seconds tab immediately above. This one is half science fiction, half love story, and we”re quite proud of it. We do ask that you actually give it to the end of the story to make a full judgement.

Also, don”t forget about our Facebook Fan Page, where you can get more updates on our work, as well as tell us how great/terrible we are. Enjoy the comic!



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Hard at work

I know, I know. We said that we were starting a new story this week, but we decided to wait one more week just to get it perfect. We’ll be starting our new story, “Seconds”, next week, and we’re excited about it as it’s about as different from Tales Of Belfort as it could possibly be. We’ll be back next week with the first page!

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A little something from the drawing board

Hey guys! My name is Rob and I”m the man behind the curtain that makes the pretty pictures. (Please ignore the “do not feed the artist” sign… it”s more of a guideline) So Tales of Belfort completed its first run last week and I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did drawing it. I”m currently knee deep in the production of our next comic which will hopefully hit the site next Monday barring zombie attacks and flying monkey break and enters.

We decided it might be a fun little thing to put some sketches I did when I was designing the main characters for tales of Belfort together and post it for any casino of you who are interested in that sort of thing. And just “cause we love you all SO much… there are two pages of it available for you today.

Hope to see you here next week for our next story! Please fire us a comment on our facebook page. We love to hear from all of you.













Our Facebook page

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Tales Of Belfort: Final Page!

And we are done! This is the final page of our very first web comic, and we’re very excited about it. We hope you’ve enjoyed, and we want to make sure you go to our Facebook page and let us know what you think. We’ll be back soon about news on our next project, but today we want to give you some other news. Jay Cormier, the co-writer of Tales Of Belfort, is also the co-creator of Belfort, the fantastic board game that our comic was based on. Belfort has been popping up on a number of “Best Board Games Of 2011″ lists, including this one, so please make sure you go to your local board game shop and pick up a copy. There is also a much-anticipated expansion pack coming in 2012, so we’ll be posting news about that too. Congratulations Jay!

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Tales Of Belfort: Page 9, and happy holidays!

Second to last page! Only one more page before the big finale. Rob, Tim, and Jay would like to sincerely wish everybody who has come on this journey with us a very happy holiday, and we hope to see more of you in the new year!

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